Focus Wheel as an effective tool of goal-setting

By Sandeep Kulshrestha, 
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Focus Wheel technique is not very new for many people, specially those who are hooked by Law of attraction. For any person who is following any spiritual dimension of life, from atheists who mediate for emotional well-being to believers who follow organized religion, certain tools can be surely used to set your goals and create your best life. In Positive Psychology, spirituality plays an important role in activating the character strengths of hope and gratitude. We do not recommend Law of attraction as it is yet not a scientifically researched tool. Rather, a positive intervention is what we work on, based on the concepts and application of Positive Psychology. 

Below are some suggestions for cultivating spirituality developed by Dr. Jonathan Haidt from the University of Virginia:
  • For five minutes a day, relax and think about the purpose of life, and where you fit in.
  • For five minutes a day, think about the things you can do to improve the world or your community.
  • Read a religious or spiritual book, or go to a religious service every day.
  • Explore different religions. You can do this by going to a library, looking on the Internet, or asking your friends about their religions.
  • Spend a few minutes a day in meditation or prayer.
  • Invest in a book of affirmations or optimistic quotes. Read a few every day.

One tool of looking inward and setting goals is the Focus wheel, which is nothing but a wheel drawn on a sheet of paper, with 12 segments, expressing a level of abundance or the levels of activities which find expression in what you write and what you are looking for in your life

An example is here:

This is drawn by me, as an example! Although I do regret for my utterly poor drawing skills but the central idea is what you are looking at. Here, imagining myself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, I have mentioned "USD 1 Billion Revenues in 9 Months" as a central theme or the broad goals I am looking at. It can be anything really (it can be a goal of getting back your ex-lover for example!). Now that you know your central goal, support it by your feelings, emotions, actions which comes to your mind, spontaneously and write them all down. If all 12 thoughts/ideas don't arrive in your mind, stop and meditate. Try Mindfulness Meditation. I am giving some links on that, once you read this article. Once you know what your dreams or desires are, what would you do to achieve them?

Once all 12 thoughts come to your mind, write them and read them loudly, one by one. Read one statement at a time and read it again and again till the time the statement truly belongs to you. If you want, you can write the timelines of your achievements. Take ownership of what you have written. 

Next day onward, start just glancing your focus wheel and carry on with your work. If you feel distracted and confused during the day, look at your focus wheel (Click a picture and keep it on your smart phone. You can also keep an hourly timer, for glancing, for fun!). It will also make you believe more and more in your desires and goals. Another example of focus wheel is down below

It is simple, enjoyable and fun. There are some supporting activities which one may do, leading to formation of new habits like starting the day with positive affirmations, writing notes of gratitude, meditating (if not praying) and telling one self that the dreams are surely achievable. 

If you need a positive mantra, you can always use the following by Thich Nhat Hanh

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Sandeep Kulshrestha is a Life and Executive Coach, Workplace Positive Psychology Practitioner and a Human Abundance Professional. He conducts workshops for companies and provides individual and group coaching sessions. He can be reached at and at his personal webpage