We offer the following programs by online mode

1. Certificate in Positive Psychology (Four weeks duration) This program will enable you to briefly understand positive psychology and utilize some of the tools. The program fees is Rs 6750 only. For International Students, the fees is $125. Few participants are admitted at a lower fees as well, depending upon the availablity of scholarship

3. Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program - 3-6 months duration. The fees of this program is $225 only (approximately Rs 14500 or so when converted into Rupees) and it includes eBooks written by leading Positive Psychologists from across the world, mentoring support from the faculty and free email support. The participants will get the thorough knowledge of life and executive coaching, using positive psychology tools. The certificate will be awarded by Flourishing Happiness Centre. The fees can be paid by cheque/bank transfer/credit card/netbanking etc. Few scholarships are available through which deserving participants can get 25% off, on the regular fees

Please write to us at for details or call our Founder, Sandeep on +91 995 900 0967

What is positive psychology? Positive Psychology is the study of what helps human beings flourish and, as such, it goes hand-in-hand with effective coaching. Positive psychology began to develop in the late 20th Century and was officially recognized, as an area of study, in the late 1990s, when the Father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, then President of the American Psychological Association, made positive psychology the focus of his presidency.  Since then, a flood of research has been done on what thoughts, tools, attitudes, behaviors, and interventions promote well-being and help people flourish.

What is positive psychology coaching? Positive psychology coaches use tools and interventions that have been identified by research into positive psychology and related fields, such as neurosciences, to help their clients achieve greater happiness, well-being, and success.

The Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program is for coaches who want advanced training and experience in the art and science of positive psychology coaching.

Why should you become a Certified Positive Psychology Coach?
  • Master the most effective tools available for coaching
  • Brand yourself as a coach who uses proven tools, not empty promises
  • Get a credential that identifies you as a genuine professional
  • Be one of the first in your profession to be certified in positive psychology coaching
  • Enter a field where even the scientists are optimistic about human potential and possibility
  • Get the information you need to explain how and why your tools work
  • Get the confidence of knowing your work has scientific empiricism behind it
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest research on positive psychology and coaching
  • Expand your business: positive psychology is transforming many fields, including business, education etc
  • Coaches earn a lot of money these days. We will give you a plan of action to start a business of coaching (free!)


  1. kindly send me the details of the positive psychology course.

    1. Please send us an email on and we will send details. I recommend the paid program as it will lead to a certification

  2. need more info abt the program

    1. Please send us an email on and we will send details. I recommend the paid program as it will lead to a certification

  3. Please send me information about various programs being run @ ASAP.


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