Sandeep Kulshrestha is the founder of Positive Psychology India, a website/blog dedicated to spread awareness on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Well-being

Sandeep has a rich career span of 22 Years in the corporate and Nonprofit sector in India, including organizations like Holiday Inn Hotels, Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, Dr. Reddy's Foundation in Human Resources, Talent Management, Organizational Development
Sandeep has studied Psychology, Positive Psychology, Finance, Mindfulness, Entrepreneurship, NLP and Cinema Therapy and he is a Certified Professional Coach. He is an alumnus of schools like Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India, Velingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, India, University of Liverpool and many other prestigious institutions. Sandeep is also a Director of International Development, India at International Society of Change Leaders, UK
Sandeep enjoys visiting faculty assignments in the areas of Positive Psychology, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior and he has been a visiting/adjunct faculty with Institutions like ICFAI University, Hyderabad, India, Holy Mary Business School, Hyderabad, India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and doinGlobal, Argentina
He is a poet, fiction and non-fiction writer and an avid reader. He can be reached on