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We also need Contributors for original articles, mp3's and videos and we shall post the interesting and relevant ones on this website. The articles should be between 250 words to 750 words and should be necessarily related to Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Mindfulness etc. One may write about positive use of technology as well. 

All articles can be emailed in Microsoft Word Format to, along with a small bio (3-4 lines), small picture and Twitter handle (if any). There is no remuneration for an article or any other contributions currently but the articles will be shared across various social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

We also take interns on short term projects. An ideal intern is someone who is studying a degree or PG course in Psychology/Positive Psychology. The interns would be given an experience certificate by our parent body, Rectangle Consulting. As we are a start-up, we currently do not have a remuneration plan for the interns. The remuneration plan exists for those interns who market our products (courses/corporate training etc.) and they are usually paid commission on the deals closed. We offer a flexible, happy and a dynamic/peppy work culture. Please email us with a subject, "internship request"

Please contact us at  or drop a text/voice message at +91 916 054 6863