Energy of Sound

By Mohini Basu

Sound is the energy that created us, and we have not stopped talking since !
Indeed, we are so practiced in using words to express ourselves that sometimes we lose what we had intended to communicate. We seem to be talking on auto-pilot.
Suppose we bring our consciousness back into speech, which is after all our very own human version of the energy of sound, how wonderful would that be! Suppose we begin with words we use everyday, and find out whether we mean them. I have chosen the word ‘last’. I find I use it so often.  “The last time we spoke…”, “Last night…”, “My last job…” I know we want it to mean the one before this, the one previous to the current one… But the way we use it has brought me up short. Last? No way! Previous, yes; past, sure… Not ‘last’, not yet! I want things to last for a while longer, with me! So now, I say, “The previous time we spoke, I enjoyed our conversation a lot!”… or, “Past night/evening, the moon was glorious!” Sure, I get some eyebrows quirked at me, but most of my folks gladly go along.
You would, too. Just try saying what you mean, in a way that promises eternity!
Mohini Basu is an independent wellness mentor, spiritual coach and a tarot card reader. She is based in Mumbai. She can be reached on