Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is not a new concept. It has emerged becuase of increasing levels of gloom and unhappiness in personal as well as work lives. As per the concept of Positive Psychology, people flourish when they are in a state of optimal well-being, which is composed of pleasure (positive emotions), self-actualization (positive meaning), and flow (positive actions), which if someone goes to analyse, is in direct consonence with what the spiritual sciences talk about. The difference is in approach. The positive psychology movement is still in the initial days and if applied in fullest form, it will be a great management tool. From the early industrial revolution to the “hire and fire” era, the future is of providing sustainable workplace pleasure (a sustained effort in positively assessing each and every employee in an organisation and providing the ”harmonising” tools) and promote “Creative Human intelligence management” rather than just human resource management. This will of course take a lot of time to succeed in developing countries. Positive psychology will revolutionise the way people work.


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