What makes us happy?

We human beings tend to define happiness in our own wisdom, perspective and opinion and happiness as such is beyond any definition. I may be happy having my favorite food, say Pizza but there is a friend of mine who hates Italian food to the hilt. Hence, the food which makes me happy can annoy someone else. Similarly, someone is happy being a fundamentalist, say Osama Bin Laden but a Gandhi was happier as a simple human being. Positive Psychology of course doesn't say that happiness through a negative emotion is the ideal one. There are two kinds of negative people, the ones who can be reformed and the others who cannot accept that what they do is wrong.  Positive Psychology says hey I am going to accept you as you are and provide you with all the great tools, to help you being positive and happy. Hence, there comes in the concept of authentic happiness, which means the happiness which is sustainable, permanent, full of positivity and life. Positive Psychology also accepts spirituality as a tool to make people feel positive, and hence authentically happy in their sphere of life, be it work or anything else.