Hate and "Pre-love"

By Mohini Basu
There was a time when I was interacting at a workshop with a group of people, most of whom I found exciting and entertaining. Yet, all of my days of that interaction were coloured by one particular person, in the aspect of what I felt for the person. I believe that feeling is called ‘hate’.

My, what a vortex that was….! I could not relax at the workshop; every time there was a new topic of discussion, I wanted to not have to listen to that person… Whenever we had a group-project, I wanted the person excluded! It took me years to figure out that I had probably changed the focus of the workshop, for myself!

As opposed to ‘love’, or perhaps, ‘like’, this ‘hate’ business felt very magnetic. Now I realise that it had served me a very good turn, indeed. It energised me to knowing myself with greater clarity than I could have otherwise coaxed out of me. It got my adrenaline going to the point that I would take steps motivated by ‘hate’. It got me to present myself in the best possible manner that I knew…. Like, wow!

This ‘hate’ made me a better thinker, more proactive, and smart!!!

So, was this person an angel to make me step up, and quick? It sure proved to be so! I have decided to change what I call ‘hate’…to ‘pre-love’. It makes perfect, rounded sense to me. Multi-dimensional, if you please! Not only do I now recall the person with gratitude, I also recognise the shifting of the energies of this ‘pre-love’ within my heart, when it starts, and I become enthused about stepping up to a better me!
So, sometimes, I love…. at other times, I pre-love, and my world just becomes a better, better place!

And by the way, that workshop ended up having a total recall in my mind, thanks to this ‘pre-love’!!!

Mohini Basu is an independent wellness mentor, spiritual coach and a tarot card reader. She is based in Mumbai. She can be reached on mohini.tarot@yahoo.com    


  1. Mohini with your Hate and "Pre-love" stories how many homes have you broken in your profession!! Can you recall?? Or you give it a name "POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY" or Mentoring Spiritually. . . Cheers To Your Kind!!


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