A Mindful Start of the day

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

When we get up in the morning, we just jump into a routine, like a machine. A morning cup of tea, followed by 15-20 minutes of newspaper (which I do as well!) and then the grind of quick shower and breakfast over phone calls (which I do not do!!, but have observed many doing it!). More or less, we are conditioned to a routine. We can do it mindfully as well, by just spending a minute at the start of the day by practicing a small meditation, which starts with a mantra, which we can say to ourselves, "I will be full of awareness today" and then start breathing deeply yet slowly, trying to hear the heartbeat and feeling alive. With each in/out breathing sequence we can feel each and every part of us getting charged up, from feet to cheeks and forehead. 

This meditation can be followed by being Mindful at work and noticing at least one thing intently, either a view from your window, or people working or the photograph of family. The idea is to be aware that you are alive and are enjoying in the moment, here and now

At the end of the day, reflect by doing a small, one minute meditation with another mantra, "I am pleased with my day today"and by closing your eyes, imagine a small movie of your work being played where you had great moments.