Positive Reasoning for understanding self

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

Sometimes in life we are faced with challenges which may include a messy work life with a boss with spooky temperament, a rapidly changing work environment where things are complicated or personal life full of stress.

In moments like these, a "Positive Reasoning" is an important idea. This essentially means telling yourself some phrases. One example can be, "Yes, this is a tough time and My boss is hurtful, but i enjoy my work and this is a temporary phase". In a way, you are pacifying yourself. This reasoning can be complimented by a "Loving-Kindness meditation" to control reactionary force of our brains

Positive Reasoning may have few steps and my own version is as follows

1. Target the emotion: If the emotion is of despair and uncertainty, take a notebook and start writing what you feel, as much as possible. Pour your emotions out by writing your experiences of the negative emotions (all of them)

2. Reflect on good things in your life: Again, write them down, beginning from your loved ones, the gadgets you have and for the matter anything which makes you happy 

3. Write sentences of "Positive Reasoning" and make affirmations of your own

4. Top it up with a mindfulness meditation (perhaps loving kindness meditation) and relax.

This will not solve the long term problem but will make you think it through, make you generate ideas and and help in a holistic understanding of the situation.