Recalling The Eureka Moment of the week and Yelling to yourself

One of the imagery of Positive Psychology is the sense of purpose and accomplishment. How many times we acknowledge that we have accomplished something? Can we do a small exercise? Let us either reflect on a work week gone by on a Saturday morning over our favorite drink or recognize it in the "here and now" moment. If you are recalling on a relaxed weekend, try some meditation to begin with. Just close your eyes, breath a little deep and try to remember the moments of flow, where there were "Eureka Moments", some moments of new discovery in the form of a new approach to a problem or a context or you felt pride in something you achieved, where it could have impacted positively on people or issues. You can also write "Not so Eureka Moments" where you could have been better. Let the Eureka Moment be just three and "Not so" ones just five. OK, if you are a man/woman who likes to do things instantaneously, write your Eureka Moment when you accept that it has happened. It can well be getting appreciated from a person who was not appreciative earlier. Eureka Moment hence can be a moment of self-gratitude and self-discovery. 

You can write it in a notebook, calling it your own Blue or Red Book, or simply, The Eureka Journal. Trust me, it will be great fun!

So, imagine a friend calling you and your reply says it all. 

"Hey I just got my Eureka Moment!"

Scream and Yell, your choice! 

And what next, create a story by joining all such moments and you will get into the groove

Sandeep Kulshrestha