Having a theme for a work-week: A tool of Positive Goal setting

Sometimes, during a week it so happens that whatever we wished for earlier, manifests itself in a way that makes us both surprised and happy. We are also told that writing a bucket list helps us in directing our energy towards something that is really important for our life. Similarly, one can have a "theme" for the week. Let us imagine an Entrepreneur who is having a meeting with an investor after a week. His/her theme of the week can be "Ideation" or "Brainstorm" where he/she and team/trusted advisers can just focus on the theme and come up with creative solutions. Similarly, a friend of mine, a freelancing Business Consultant chose the word, "Abundance" for his weekly theme and he started channelizing his resources, met people and ended up getting lot many positive responses. In-fact he found out that he was not given full payment by one of his client and he used the opportunity given by the weekly theme to him to re-connect with that person and finally he was able to get his payment, albeit in two installments.

Meaning and Engagement play an important role in Positive Psychology and working on a theme on  a weekly basis can give us another tool of goal setting through which we can engage in some productive ideas and discussions. If, for example you choose a theme of "Growth", what comes to your mind? Is it your personal growth or a financial growth? If it is personal, do you want a skill upgrade? Similarly, you may do brainstorming on your theme every week and if you focus mindfully, you may get some interesting insights. You can also create actionable goals and timelines for your weekly theme

Some of the examples of a theme can be: Growth, Being Non-Judgmental, Mindful, Abundance, Energy, New Initiatives, Compassion, Week of Gratitude etc. Try and see how it works and what you feel about it  


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