A simple classroom activity for Social comfort among Kids

Activity Goal

To learn everyone's name and increase social comfort.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Public speaking Skills
  • Gather the group and demonstrate the greetings with a volunteer.
  • Make sure all students can repeat back to you greetings. 

How to Play

  • At a given signal everyone goes around introducing themselves to one another. Students go up to each other and they shake hands. Four exchanges happen while shaking hands:
    • The first person says, “Hi, my name is _________.” 
    • The second person says, “Hi, my name is _____________”
    • The first person says, “Nice to meet you.”  The second person repeats this back to his partner.
    • The first person says, “See you later.”  The second person says something similar in response, “See ya!”  or “Bye!”
  • Once that four-part exchange happens, the partners split up and find someone else to introduce themselves to.
  • Players go around trying to meet as many other players as possible in one minute.


  • Students can use signals or sign language to develop nonverbal communication.