Have you discovered your "Sweet Spot"?

The sweet spot is something where you discover that there is an overlap of ease or the area of least resistance with the strengths and your inherent passion. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, “When you are living in your sweet spot you feel both calm and energetic, accomplished and joyful, strong and at ease”
It is nevertheless a daunting task to take a break and understand where our sweet spot lies and how many times are we able to sustain it. Ease is regarded as an antithesis of the socially accepted definitions of success. If you are successful, you have to be busy. If you talk to a friend after a long time and ask, “Where have you been all these days” and the standard answer is “I was really busy in the last month”. One option here is to be mindful, take a break and look for that elusive ease. The best way is to take meaningful breaks, from internet/emails/gadgets to avoid cognitive overloads. Also, if you make new connections, outside work, with strangers, in either hobby groups (the social network meetup has many groups based on interests you may have) or in places like libraries etc, you will feel better and re-discover the areas of ease.
Daily micro habits also help us in getting closer to our sweet spot. The brain works on autopilot and you need to change the way it functions. Surprise it by reading a book at home when you need to look at your mobile phone. Play soothing jazz and have your favorite coffee to compliment yourself! If you are at work, taking mindful breaks and talking to someone from another department/team can get you fresh ideas.