Playful Love, Mindfully

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

Being playful is the natural essence of life. Rather than rushing up the momentum of lovemaking, if it is preceded by a “Mindful foreplay” where each and every moment brings individuals a pleasurable acceptance, in all possibilities it would lead to a happier way to be. Sex, no doubt is not everything in life but it surely is a major part of the young adults’ lives. As the societies were driven by Men (even in majority of the Countries, the societies are still male-centric), the women’s pleasure was never an invested asset. But modern day couples do experiment and try to make even the physical more stimulating, resulting in better levels of happiness. Some of the ways in which the physical love can be more playful, may include the following (although in all its’ merits, the list is not exhaustive):
  • Having a long day only meant for leisure and relaxation
  • Healthy food before or after the lovemaking
  • No distraction of gadgets like Mobile phones etc
  • Playing an soothing instrumental music
  • Wearing a soft robe while sitting closer and having a loving discussion
  • Playfully touching each other’s forehead, massaging the hair
  • Spending time and being slow and mindful in undressing and experiencing each and every moment of Mindful play (like slowly kissing each other, while taking pauses and feeling moments of bliss)
  • Taking deeper breaths (in and out) in calculated breaks can make people settle in, get calm
  • It can all start with a gentle cuddle!
More playful moments increase the oxytocin levels, making people feel agile and happy. Mindfulness is not only about meditation but appreciating the moment as it is. Mindful foreplay makes people spend time leisurely without getting worried about next moments. Increase in Oxytocin also reduces the intensity of cortisol, the stress hormone. For well-being and holistic health, Mindful play is a wonderful therapy where couples can feel detoxed, joyful and happier in their day to day lives.
Sandeep is a wellness Coach, based at Hyderabad, India. He is reachable on his email