Positive Psychology Schools: A new Certificate program in Positive Art Therapy (Online)

The Institute of Positive Psychology and Well-being is offering an online program that leads to a Certificate in Positive Art Therapy. The program is priced at $179 and is the school offers a 15% discount for all sign-ups till August 31st. The courses in this program are well structured, with a trade off between the existing art therapies with the science of well-being, Positive Psychology. The course can be signed up on this link

This course is suitable for therapists who want to upgrade their existing skills, for Positive Psychologists who would like to do some work in the area or for anyone having interest in this interesting and innovative field.


  1. Hi, Could you please indicate if this online course is still current? I have attempted to click on the link, but it is saying the page doesn't exist. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Penny

    1. This course is now not being offered. International Institute of Positive Psychology - www.iipp-edu.org is shortly launching an Diploma in Positive Art Therapy. Please email them at info@iipp-edu.org

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