What are your five interesing trips this month?

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

From this headline, you would be wondering what trips I am talking about. But without too much of a thinking, if I ask you to visit five different places in this Month (and within your city), where would you go? Would you make a trip to an old street food cart that you didn't visit since a while or would it be the ice cream vendor near your earlier office? It can be a new café or a friend's home as well. I am talking about five trips here. The only catch is that you would have to write some pleasant notes to yourself after you make each individual trip. This can include your new discovery of the place or the sounds around you

Can you make five such trips? Is it too much of a challenge? I guess not. There is no harm in trying. After you make all five, post some colourful "post-it"notes on your favourite wall. There is undoubtedly some charm in colourful memories!

Share your trips with us at info@positivepsychologyindia.org and we will share on this blog!

Sandeep Kulshrestha is a Leadership Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner