Positive Psychology and Plant based Nutrition: Any connection?

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

Plant based Diet is gaining momentum in the world currently. Popularly known as "Vegan Diet", it was earlier rubbished as an animal rights issue, especially by the medical fraternity. However, medical practitioners and researchers like Dean Ornish and Neal Bernard have proved it otherwise by their research based interventions since last few decades. It is not just an issue of animal rights but through increased evidences gathered over the years, plant based diets have been proven to be facilitators in disease prevention, as well as in reversal of diseases in many cases. Plant based diets include food which is sourced through plants and vegetables and people on such diet plan avoid dairy and meat in any form. There are many alternatives to milk and meat, in the form of nut milks (made out of cashew nuts, almonds, Coconut etc) and mock-meat which can be converted into many delicious dishes.

Plant based diets apparently have the capability of uplifting your mood(https://www.pcrm.org/good-nutrition/food-and-mood) as well as elevate your health levels, enabling you to function optimally.The concept of "Positive Health", although not a by-product of Positive Psychology is linked to consuming foods that help us live healthy and long life. prevent us from getting diseases, helping people live a happy and flourishing life span and having more physiological reserves to tackle aging and so on.

Where does Positive Psychology come in? Though Positive Psychology is concerned with looking at such aspects of life that nurture your strengths, elevate your mindset towards daily encounters with positive habits and let you flourish, a Positive health mindset helps in understanding how good foods elevate your well-being and hence complimenting you on your journey of living your strengths to the fullest. Plant based diet certainly is a value addition towards Mindful living. Medical researchers are now talking about fat being the culprit rather than carbohydrates and a whole-food plant based diet (with plant based carbs) helps in preventing many diseases and also in reversing them as well (Dean Ornish's Diet is a very good example). Once individuals start adapting to a new way of consuming food, that nurtures their mental and physiological capital and also make them lean, fit and with enhanced metabolism, they start living a flourishing life. Dean Ornish's plant based diet and a dose of exercise and meditation is also covered through some insurance plans in the United States.

As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, I believe that through a whole-foods plant based diet, an Individual can achieve his/her health goals in a very mindful and thoughtful way and gradually start living a lifestyle with a meaning and purpose, with lots of doses of daily happiness and fulfillment. I personally know of many cases where people have come out of life threatening diseases through plant based diet.


Sandeep is a Positive Psychology practitioner and coach who has also acquired qualifications in Plant based Nutrition. He is available for Business Coaching and Wellness Coaching. He is reachable at sandeep@sandeep.com.co  


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