A Positive Psychology challenge on Women's day

Coming March 8th, we would be celebrating the International Women's day. Usually many corporations have some events or activities happening around the theme of "Inclusion" or "equality". Can we activate Positive Psychology here? Can we challenge the employees for the week around the women's day? The challenges can be simple. Let there be selected few employees, both men and women who take the VIA character survey. The next stage could be people throwing challenges at each other, asking the people to use their signature strengths (the top 5). Let us say if someone's signature strength is "Love for learning", her colleague might ask her to learn something new in the next three days and showcase it in front of the team. It may well be a new dance step or something that can add value to the team or the company itself. This would also help building engaged teams.

There can be many such challenges or activities that could be initiated during the Women's day or all through the year.

If your organization is looking for facilitators who can help in creating a inclusive organization, you can reach out to us at info@positivepsychologyindia.org