Bite Size Coaching and Mentoring: Lower Investment or pro-bono

Hello friends! We are offering Bite Size coaching and mentoring sessions during this challenging period of the impact of the COVID-19 disease. The proposed online/telephonic conversations would be of 20 minutes each of weekly meetings, spread over 1.5 months. As it is Bite Sized, the professional investment is also much lesser. 

We are also offering pro-Bono (without a professional fees) sessions to few selected individuals who have to specify reasons as to why they are opting for "no-investment" sessions. These sessions would be taken by our trained coaches and mentors. The target audience for these sessions include Students, Junior to senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, Home makers, CEO's and any other professional who is interested to achieve specific goals and make new choices that would create better impact in their work and life.

Our Coaches and Mentors would assist you in various work related challenges and opportunities. For students, the opportunities can lie in utilizing time well while getting engaged in something meaningful and our coaches will help you in the process. 

For details, please drop an email to

For a quicker response, please WhatsApp to +91 630 288 1737. People from the United States/Canada can text/call on +1 646 681 7666