Finding Solace in the times of Corona: Few ways in which we can stay calm, healthy and engaged

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

When I am writing this, a big part of the globe is under lock-down because of COVID-19. I so wish that if someone reads this piece in June 2020, this virus and its' influence would be history. As an Optimist I surely believe that there are scientists who are in tremendous pressure to work on both a drug for treatment and a vaccine for prevention. I have full knowledge and compassion about the fact that the most vulnerable sections of the society would not find much solace in what is written in this piece but we can surely help in many ways which I have mentioned in this blog.

1. Look at the Facts and reduce your subconscious panic: We should have a look at the data, even if it is in a preliminary stage. The COVID-19 linked fatalities are very less in number and the aged population is more vulnerable. That doesn't mean that we expose the elderly to the outside world. It only means that the probability of getting a deadly strain is less if we follow social distancing to the maximum limit possible, as prescribed by different Governments of various countries

2. Stay Healthy: If you have a history of pre-existing diseases, you may take a healthy diet, in consultation with a dietitian (if you can afford). Else, plant based or vegan diet is a much healthier option which may help you balance out your health parameters. You can also build upon your immunity by chewing some health supplements that has Vitamin C and Zinc. Also, stocking and consuming immunity enhancing supplements like Septilin or Immusante can be helpful (Disclaimer: These are Ayurvedic Supplements and I am not representing any company. Please check with a medical practitioner before consuming these supplements. They have personally helped me but then there are alternative points of views for Alternative Medicines and their properties). There are many drugs in the modern medicine system that also help build your immunity. Also, it is advisable to avoid smoking all together and reduce the intake of alcohol (if possible avoid it till the impact of the virus is lessened). We have in-house Positive Nutrition experts who can help you.

3. Be the part of a small solution: Look at the ways in which you can help the poor. Either you can fund the charities that work in the areas of food, shelter, hygiene, healthcare etc or gift food packets etc to the people who need (provided you can take the risk of going out few times). If you go to supermarkets to buy groceries and daily needs, gift some of it or some cash to the counter clerks or the security staff. This way you can be a part of the solution.

4. Mind-Body Harmony: Try meditating for your own good. Meditations like the Loving Kindness Meditation makes you feel connected to people you like and also to those you do not like. Alternatively, a daily dose of Mindfulness Meditation can help immensely. If you are religious and you like praying, start using the parts or sections of such prayers more often that can make you feel connected to the entire humanity.

5. Read Books and Listen/Read Positive News: Not everyone is a reader but If you are feeling bored, pick up a small interesting book (on platforms like Kindle). Many people feel good reading a silly romance but then its up to you. Similarly, there is a lot of web content that gives you positive news. One of my favorites is You can also create online groups on sharing positive news or discussing the books you are reading.

6. Get back to a hobby that you could not follow: If you had any hobbies in your past, this is the time to go back to them. For example you loved playing guitar or creating your scrapbook when you were younger. You can always re-kindle those joyful moments again.

7. Write a Gratitude Journal: This one is my favorite. Before you sleep or any moment after say 6 pm, you can pen down 2-3 things during the day you were grateful for. It could include telling a story to your kid, helping your spouse with the dishes or a great conversation you had with a friend. If you are mostly critical of anything, you can curate a "rant journal" :)

8. Take up an online course: There are so many websites that offer online courses, many for free. I have curated a list that you can check on this link. If you have good monetary resources, you can look for an Online MBA or any other higher education options of your choice. You can try picking up a new language as well.

9. Call your friends: Have conversations with friends and family, especially with those you were not in contact because either you have been busy or they would have. These days more often because of technology we exercise many choices to connect online but are missing out on casual, no-holds barred conversations.

10. Watch Positive Movies/Web series: Watching movies that give prominence to positive emotions of love, compassion, hope etc prove to be really therapeutic. But if you like the thriller genre and that makes you feel good, that's fair enough.

Besides this you can have your own way of developing some daily positive habits to bit the subconscious stress.

Sandeep is a human capital professional, leadership coach, positive psychology practitioner and a positive nutrition adviser. He can be emailed at