Can you own up to your well-being?

 By Sandeep Kulshrestha

An optimal level of well-being can be achieved when we reflect on positive emotions, maintain harmonious and strong family and personal bond, we are engaged to whatever we do, have a bit of meaning in our life and we are able to celebrate even minute successes. This is also the summary of the PERMA model in Positive Psychology. However, unless we commit to nurturing well-being in our lives, we need to have a sense of subtle ownership of our well-being. This includes a self induced commitment to dedicate few minutes or say half an hour to curate a list of positive rituals for the week. It would be a kind of to-do list of well-being. Again, it needs to be flexible. It cannot be like a religious ritual that you need to "necessarily" do but few things that you "must" do to sustain your optimal level of well-being. Practicing gratitude, appreciating someone, talking to a friend, surprising your team etc. can be few positive things that can happen during the week. You need to create a ritual space (as Confucius would say), to curate your own well-being, deeply marinated in positive emotions. You can also figure out if you need one of your closest friends as your accountability partner in your journey towards well-being. In this way, you can bring ownership to your well-being strategy.

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