Finding your Meaning in 2021

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

For the entire Human race, 2020 was the most challenging year in the times of technology, big businesses, globalization, terrorism and climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic shook us all up and no one expected that we would use new language of "lockdown" or "remote working". Many people unfortunately succumbed to the pandemic and lost their lives and that was certainly sad and unfortunate. Now that we enter 2021, do we have to look at the year rather differently? Positive Psychology researcher and one of the leading Professors of Psychology Martin Seligman talks about "Meaning" as one of the elements for enhancing our well-being. Meaning is something that is beyond what you we are doing and something that invigorates us and gives a push to our goals. Think about it - what gives you meaning? Is being passionate in creating world class teams in your organization that gives you meaning? Or when you do that morning Yoga and curate a life of health and wellness that gives you meaning? Or is it volunteering for your local charity?

Think about it. What gives you Meaning? And when you assimilate your thoughts, meditate over them for a while and list down things, opportunities, ideas, issues, causes etcetera that give you meaning.

So, how does 2021 look for you? Think about it!

Sandeep Kulshrestha is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and an Executive Coach and his current area of interest is Positive Politics on which he is doing his doctoral work. He can be reached at