Positive Psychology in Hiring - Is the Hiring fraternity doing enough?

It is usually a cliché to use the word "Positive" in many contexts and situations these days. So, rather than saying "Positive Hiring", I am addressing this question from the application of Positive Psychology angle.  If you are a Hiring Manager and reading this piece, can you close your eyes for a moment and do a thought exercise. Do you remember hiring any candidate who was out of box, had some lags in her career, was accepting her vulnerabilities and yet you still hired her, because you felt she had some unique strengths? If you had not done so, it does not mean that you were a bad Hiring Manager. In-fact it means that you can take more steps in re-assessing your hiring strategies now and start respecting smartness. (if you are adventurous, bold and willing to try looking at your job from a different perspective)

So, how does Positive Psychology help?  To begin with, asking the right questions in your Hiring. Questions like, "share your work experiences where you were at your best" or "share instances where your ignorant mistakes made you learn something" or "what were your communication strategies when you had to stand by your own ideas when the peers and your managers were not convinced". At an entry level, similarly people can be asked questions where they can talk about their strengths, their passions and virtues.

Positive Psychology would also help in communicating to people whom you reject. One can also write this to people who are not selected, "We liked you when you spoke about managing diverse projects. This is a strength that any organization would value. While we may not take your candidature ahead at this juncture, we would like to appreciate you for visiting us. We will keep in mind your strengths and would seriously try to find a match whenever a suitable opportunity arises". It does not take much efforts in doing this.

Also, there are anecdotes where the people I know have been called for hiring interviews, to be told after many steps were successfully completed that there was no vacancy in the first place (I am based out of India and I have heard quite a few instances of this kind). I guess sometimes the Hiring teams in collaboration with the HR just try to get a sense of the candidates that they can think about hiring in the future, hence they facilitate such processes. If this is not the case, then the HR folks need to rethink if it is the right way to go. If there was no vacancy, one doesn't need to organize interviews (unless it is an exercise to see potential employees of the future)

Positive Psychology helps if the hiring managers have a more strength-centric approach. Get the participants go through Character strengths survey and let them do a group discussion among themselves. Trust me, it would be fun!

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