Story of Suchita Ullal - An optimist soap-maker

Suchita Ullal is an entrepreneur with a difference. Her entrepreneurial pursuit started when she retired and felt a little lull. As cooking has been her passion, she thought of sending homestyle nutritional food to the elderly (She still wishes to do so!). Her interest in manufacturing artisan soaps started, around 4 years back, while she was sending some organic soaps to her son abroad. She was looking to explore food business earlier but a visit to an organic store made her think if she could make soaps. The quest linked her to someone who use to teach soap making, in Bengaluru, India (where she is based. As a curious learner, she enjoyed learning this new skill and subsequently this led to her start-up, simply named as Suchi’s Handmade Skincare Products. She started selling the soaps and promoting the brand through weekly flee markets and through spreading of word and then there was looking back. Majority of her customers are women and perhaps they buy for the entire family.

Suchita is particular about the pricing though. When we hear “Artisan soaps”, our mind starts self-brainstorming on the price point, and we imagine that the product would be expensive. Interestingly, Suchi’s soaps are reasonably priced. She has always been looking at locally available oils (soaps are oil based). So, instead of using Olive Oil that was imported and had a bigger carbon footprint, Suchita started using local oils like the rice bran oil that maintained the quality of the products

The entrepreneurial kick was very much active in her young days as well. At one point of time, she wanted to start a “bhelpuri” (Indian roadside snack, a mix of fried savories, peanuts, coriander, and chutney) stall, much to the horror of her father who was a professor. When Suchita gave birth to her kids years back, she was at home, nurturing and parenting her kids and then she had started a circulating library, from home, along with an outlet to sell greeting cards and ice creams. In this sense, she has been very enterprising

Suchita is born optimist and she would always prefer continuous activity. According to her, she does not like emptiness yawning in front of her. She is the perfect example of broaden and build theory of Positive Psychology, where enhanced positive emotions can lead to better resource mapping and staying connected to the right kind of people. And of course she is very proud of her cousins' network that is always available for her for any kind of support. Hence, there is an immense value in nurturing positive relationships that help us in our life journeys.

Suchita is based at Bengaluru, India. For enquires regarding her product portfolio, please contact +91 96866 02599. She ships the soap bars, body butters and shampoo bars all across India.



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