Positive Psychology is such a liberating philosophy

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

Positive Psychology is the behavioral science that studies factors which make our life happier and meaningful. It can be said to be perhaps the newest branch of Psychology but there is a sharp twist in the tale. While Psychology studies what goes wrong with your life, Positive Psychology discusses and researches about what goes "right" in your life. And Positive Psychology interventions are really sweet and delectable, to say the least. What do you feel if I say you can be certainly happier than what you are now, if you right a gratitude note? You might help self-doubt - Oh it sounds very self-helpish or childish. You are not wrong. The so-called self-help gurus have expunged the whole idea of self-help. Positive Psychology is scientifically proven "self-help" and certainly if not childish, being child-like makes us explore the life in the most interesting way.

Positive Psychology is also a liberating philosophy in the sense that it re-energizes the feminine energy in us. I am referring to a mix of yin and yang that is within us but we fail to explore the softer side of our lives, the side that is kind, loving and optimistic and not methodical, process oriented or someone who takes tough decisions. Let us say you are an Entrepreneur who has to take a touch decision in firing new people because you have incurred much losses in the last three quarters. You may take a more surgical route by not even meeting the people who are fired or you may meet them, be kind and fair and appreciate their presence in making your organization better. Of course it is your choice but a positive psychology influenced route is more powerful and it has the possibility of bringing your authentic self alive and kicking!

Gratitude is powerful. It makes us minimize our ego and open our hearts to looking at people from the lense of a human connection. 

To explore the feminine side of your being, take up a challenge of writing a gratitude diary every night or if you are employed or run a business, try handing out handwritten gratitude note to those who work with you and the feeling of being liberated will be an outcome you don't want to miss experiencing.

Sandeep is the program mentor and curriculum curator at International Institute of Positive Psychology