Accredited Course - Meaning & Purpose Practitioner Certificate


The School of Positive Transformation, UK is now offering one of the most interesting courses we have come across in the area of Positive Psychology,- The Meaning and Purpose Practitioner Certificate  which offers you extensive researched backed curriculum taught by Professor Michel Stegar, Founder and Director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose at the Colorado State University, US

If you are a Positive Psychology Practitioner or exploring Positive Psychology now, this course will equip you to understand the profound field of positive psychology and now studying meaning and purpose can enrich your life as well as of your clients (if you are a coach, business consultant, mentor, Human Resources professional and so on). This course will also help you if you want to undertake further research in the area of Meaning and Purpose Psychology. The course is CPD accredited. 

To know more about the course and to join it, please visit the link for the course here: Meaning and Purpose Practitioner Certificate