Ed Deiner and his contributions in Happiness studies

Professor Ed Diener (1946-2021) was a prominent psychologist and researcher known for his work on subjective well-being, also known as happiness. He has made several significant contributions to the field of psychology, including the development of the Satisfaction with Life Scale, which is widely used to measure life satisfaction, and the establishment of the field of "hedonic psychology," which focuses on understanding the positive emotions and well-being.

Diener's research has also provided new insights into the relationship between income and happiness, showing that while having more money can increase happiness to a certain extent, it is not a strong predictor of long-term well-being. He has also explored the role of individual differences, cultural influences, and socio-economic factors in determining happiness and well-being.

Overall, Ed Diener's work has greatly influenced our understanding of happiness and well-being, and his contributions continue to shape the field of psychology and inform practical applications in the areas of mental health and well-being.

One of Ed's research paper on Subjective Well-being can be downloaded here