Webinar Recording: How to avoid the conclusion trap: Senia Maymin and Dan Markovitz

In this webinar dialogue, Senia, the founder of Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching (www.svchange.com), an organization that provides executive coaching to the employees of large corporations across the globe talks to Dan Markovitz, an acclaimed author, speaker, and consultant to organizations in US and Europe. He is a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute and has taught at both the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the Ohio State University's Fisher School of Business Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching is powered by Positive Psychology

This is an episode in the Believe Show. Dan believes that people spend too much time focused on problem solving and not enough time understanding the problem. Premature solutions often miss the point.

The 4 steps he suggest are:

1. Go and see 2. Properly frame your problem 3. Think backwards, perhaps using a fishbone diagram 4. Ask why

You can see the entire video here: