7 Ways in which you can create miracles in your life

Sandeep Kulshrestha

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”- Albert Einstein

Pam Grout, the bestselling author of E Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts and E3: Nine More Energy Experiments to Make Joy, Fun and Finding Miracles says "whatever you focus upon expands". It is so true for our lives. Sometimes deep down we know if we would achieve or not achieve something on a particular day. Some people call it sixth sense or gut feeling but in a way it reflects the intentions we carry to make or break something. For example, people going to job interviews have a notion at times that they would get selected. Through our thoughts we can manifest our deep rooted intentions and that is what miracle is. I am not talking about angels helping you succeed but through your own efforts you can create a magical journey

How often you wondered that you have the eyes which can see the shades of greens, blues and greys and hear the sounds of the cars, of birds and of the rains and the thought "what makes us tick"? Isn't this all a miracle?. The Universe is the manifestation of expended consciousness and every day new stars are born even though we may be busy in our routines and life. Hence,miracles are happening everywhere. This is not one of those self-help posts but something which can make you aware of the life that you live along with others. But how do we create miracles in our daily lives?. The following 7 ways can give an idea;

 1. Write your intentions everyday: Buy a beautiful notebook, with wonderful paper and equally wonderful pen  to write your intentions/deep desires. Your intentions can be in "already granted format". Like, "I am promoted today. I value my sense of pride in my achievements" etc

2. Practice Guided Imagery of positive outcomes: Guided imagery is a meditative practice through which you can imagine a positive outcome of your efforts.

3. Listen to the sounds of nature: Many of us are conditioned to beautiful glass offices and we leave them when we complete our work, come home and sleep with exhaustion. Listening to sounds of nature makes us aware of a larger life that exists beyond our boundaries. If your city doesn't offer solace, go take a vacation to a place which is lush green and just be mindful of your surroundings. Let the sounds of nature mesmerize you to the fullest!   


4. Send people notes of gratitude: Expressing gratitude can perhaps take us away from our egos. When we educate ourselves and make great material success out of it, we tend to get superiority complex. Gratitude towards family, co-workers etc. may make us feel really really good. Won't we feel happy to see happier faces around us?. Also, you may keep a jar of different colourful post-it gratitude notes at your office/home. See this article for more information on this

5. Donate: Find your favorite charity. Donate money to them and visit their projects. Sense of altruism does bring humility into our minds. 

6. Seek Greatness: I heard someone say a couple of years back that "Success brings arrogance. Humility brings greatness". Don't seek greatness as a tool to market yourself. Greatness has to be imbibed through a conscious effort. Start looking at a person whom you hate with a different perception and try to accept that he/she would have his/her own issues

7. Read great books: Lastly, reading great books can bring new ideas into our mind and if we can have some take-aways from those books, we would enjoy our life as something really magical.

I reiterate here that I am mentioning more of "continuous magical moments" rather than a magician playing some tricks. And yes, you can always watch old romantic movies with your partner!