Mindfulness, Gamification and Employee Engagement: Some ideas

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

A secular ideal of Mindfulness is all about appreciating the present moment. If you are a leader who is keen in bringing a positive change and also in challenging status quo, gamification is one tool that can be used to throw up challenges to the teams, with an intrinsic reward in the end. When it comes to employee engagement, the best thing is to ask the employees how they would like to get engaged. Some of the action plans can include the following:

  • Creating different teams (One team can look at work culture, another team can look at employee engagement and so on) and they can create games for themselves which would lead them on to some objectives. The teams can be given couple of hours off for the time they are spending on gamification (it is in the interest of the company, isn’t it?)
  • The reward to the winning team could range from an interesting job role (like for example an Accounting guy can be asked to host events) or enhanced personal training budget or even special leave for some days.
  • As we are talking about being Mindful, there need not be any losing teams. They can be part of a “Gratitude Project” where their skills can be mapped for newer assignments which may come up in the future. There can be various ways to appreciate those teams

Hence, Mindfulness in employee engagement with support of tools like gamification can help organizations nurture and curate the talent and lead to best practices development.

If your organization needs to engage employees through some of these approaches and more, please get in touch with us at sandeep@positivepsychologyindia.org