Mindfulness in Action: Mindful Driving

Have you ever practiced Mindful Driving? Did you ever felt "in the moment", while being deeply conscious in operational stuff like shifting lanes or subtly watching things around you while your car stops on a traffic signal? Like that shade of green that you never saw before? If yes, you have surely being mindful in your mundane road journey, to the same old office everyday. Mindful driving also means being appreciative of other people on the road and driving at one pace. Staying focused and being mindful of your seat, the music on your music player and most importantly driving with calmness and acceptance

Few Tips:
1. Do not try mindful driving under stress or in the influence of alcohol
2. If you have music player, play light jazz music or any light instrumental music and keep it at a low volume
3. Just stay focused on what you feel now that you are driving. Appreciate the fact that you know the art of driving, that your cushion on your driving seat is comfortable and that you are driving mostly on a same speed.
4. At signals, look at the environment around. Try to look at something new

Mindful driving doesn't means casual driving. It means appreciative and "in the moment" driving!