Loving Kindness is all about you

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

Loving Kindness meditation (LKM), according to Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson is like a profound resource for our well-being and happiness. In one of her many studies, she has claimed that this Meditation, focused on compassion, kindness and love help in developing and reinforcing our positive emotions like empathy and forgiveness and hence giving enough resources to “feel good” for a longer spell.
Basically, LKM induces the practitioner into visualization about people and sending them good wishes. The starting phase is wishing oneself well (examples: May I be healthy and strong, May I be happy etc) and then moving on to others (lovers/friends/rivals etc) and wishing them well by imagining phrases (May she be blessed, May she be healed, May she be happy etc)
The purpose of LKM is to make you feel relaxed, get your mojo and feel good about life. Hence, it is all about you and your loving kindness. If you are a rational individual, sending wishes may not make sense. But the research says that it does make sense because you get to nourish your well-being by accepting people as they are and the flip side is just one: you become more loving and compassionate and perhaps even live longer
Here is one basic Loving Kindness Meditation which you may consider today

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