Mindfulness as a way of life

By Sandeep Kulshrestha

Mindfulness is the new drug - claims an American Magazine! Yes, for many people across the world, Mindfulness has changed the way they look at the world around them. According to Jon Kabat-Zin, the foremost of Mindfulness experts in the west,  Mindfulness is "Paying attention in a particular way; on purpose and non-judgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment". Mindfulness in the shape we know today has emerged out of Buddhist Traditions.  In nutshell it means living in "here and now" and recognizing and savoring the present moment as it is. It would also mean looking outside your window and savor the greenery with a nun-judgmental way, appreciating the view and just being in the moment. Or when you are washing the dishes at your home, you can just wash to dishes and do nothing else, not just to make them clean but on purpose, doing it as an enjoyable exercise where you attention is only in the present moment.

Mindfulness has various applications. Increasingly therapists are using it for counselling sessions. In Business, there is a concept of Mindful Leadership or Mindful Business. For Meditators, Mindfulness Meditation is a great tool that helps you to live in the moment. You may find some resources on Mindfulness Meditation here.

Mindful leadership entails that the leadership is driven by moment of moment focus, A mindful leader hears objectively and focuses on one task at hand with diligence and the power of compassionate listening.

Mindfulness can become a way of life when we act in a vary subtly focused manner, in acceptance of the present moment and building our daily life around it. Research says Mindfulness Meditation is good for heart health and is a great tool to prevent and manage stress. A daily practice of at least 20 minutes of Mindfulness can bring better focus to your lives and would give you enough tools for overall well-being.

Sandeep is a Leadership and Wellness coach based at Hyderabad, India. He can be reached on email


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